Modern houses designed sustainably, in harmony with nature

Laguna Forest Residential Project consists of 27 green villas, designed exclusively with high-quality sustainable materials and it is based on renewable energy. The houses are cleverly operated using state-of-the-art technology to significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment.

We are setting up a residential neighborhood with low polluting emissions, where future owners can enjoy peace and privacy being surrounded by nature, in an exclusive area from Corbeanca!

A living concept adapted to contemporary life, Laguna Forest is based on the intertwining of indoor and outdoor spaces, and the permanent connection with nature, through the variety of green areas and the location in the immediate vicinity of the forest.


Bordered on one side by Lake Corbeanca and on the other by a mature oak forest


Intelligent bioclimatic design based on renewable energy provides a healthy and sustainable living environment


We use only high-quality materials, based on recycled and environmentally friendly elements


Customized to your needs through complex integrated systems that offer comfort and energy efficiency


Residents can enjoy a 10,000 m2 outdoor park, a private property designed exclusively for the Laguna Forest neighborhood. They can also access the sports and wellness facilities found in Corbeanca, such as: swimming pools, fitness rooms, aerobics, spa, swimming lessons, tennis, etc. In addition, just 6 minutes away, the is “Therme”, the paradise where you can enjoy relaxing moments in the sunbeds with whirlpool, jacuzzi, massage sessions and much more!


Whether you want to relax with a coffee, enjoy a pasta serving or spend time in nature, Corbeanca offers a multitude of alternatives! The Piazzetta Degli Amici restaurant offers great dining experiences and relaxing moments in a friendly atmosphere. There is no need to travel to Bucharest for daily necessities, because Corbeanca has multiple grocery stores, pharmacies, bakeries and other facilities required for normal living.


Children can enjoy specially arranged playgrounds, or spend their free time exploring the nearby forest, Corbeanca Park, or practicing sports such as tennis, swimming, cycling. Just 10 minutes away is Edenland Park, a place where the whole family can enjoy bike rides, tree-climbing trails, archery, or paintball in the middle of nature!

Laguna forest residential project consists of 27 green villas designed with sustainable materials.

The intelligent bioclimatic design allows different uses of the house, as the needs of the occupants change. Renewable energy plays a very important role, thus we chose to equip Laguna Forest neighborhood with 10kw photovoltaic systems.

You have all the reasons to feel at home!

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Types of villas

villas with large inhabitable areas and opening to the forest
types of houses with modern design and architecture
outdoor park and a total of 19,800 m2 of green space
land plots with sizes between 477 and 733 m2

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