Your modern home in the middle of nature

Laguna Forest is a living concept adapted to contemporary life, based on the intertwining of indoor and outdoor spaces, the gradual transition between public – semi-public – private and permanent connection with nature, through the variety of green areas and the immediate vicinity of the forest.

All the houses have a large courtyard divided into two areas: one private and intimate at the back of the house and one in front, unfenced, which makes a gradual transition between the public character of the street and the private home. The green space thus created gives the street a welcoming character and ensures a favorable context for the interaction of the inhabitants.

The overall picture is modern and homogeneous for the whole residencial project. The volumetric conformation visually separates the day and night area, creating a strong image by juxtaposing different textures and color palettes. The staggered way of overlapping the volumes provides a dynamic image and generates a large private terrace on the floor, complementary to the courtyard.

Materials and finishes

Building structure

is provided by a system of reinforced concrete frames and diaphragms with reinforced concrete floors and Porotherm type brick masonry in compliance with the most demanding regulations

Facade Finishing

the general finish of the façade is of the thermal insulation system composed of basalt wool and plywood of the type: ARIOSTEA, FLORIM CERAMICHE, MARAZZI and decorative plaster with water-repellent properties, in pastel colors, by Baumit.

Interior carpentry

The interior doors are white Filomuro type doors, with satin stainless steel hardware, and the entrance doors are made of aluminum with multi-point locks.

Exterior carpentry

The exterior carpentry is made of aluminum with thermal break REYNAERS type. The “4 seasons” glass ensures a significant contribution of natural light (light transmission >70%), in winter it offers 3x higher thermal insulation, for an efficient energy control.

Thermal insulation

The exterior walls are made of brick with a thickness of 30 cm, which provides superior thermal comfort, improved by cladding with thermal insulation of facade composed of basalt wool. The ceilings are made of Knauf / Rigips plasterboard and insulated with basalt wool. Inside the niches, the installation columns are insulated with basalt wool.

Heating and air conditioning installations

Heat pumps incorporate the most efficient technologies for heating the indoor environment and providing domestic hot water, use renewable energy and ensure optimal comfort in living spaces. The heating is underfloor heating throughout the house, with room thermostats for each room.


In the bedrooms, hall and living room, the floor is finished with triple layered parquet, and the color will be chosen by the buyer from the range provided according to the interior renderings presented.

Outdoor pavings

SEMMELROCK, Elpreco or cubic stone pavements, intended for pedestrian or car traffic, are used to arrange the exterior spaces, depending on the location.

Solar panels

Solar energy is a free and inexhaustible source of alternative energy. All homes in the Laguna Forest residential complex will help protect the environment. Thanks to the solar panel system, the use of conventional fuel is drastically reduced, and in this way the degree of pollution will be close to zero.

Electrical charging stations

Home-owners will benefit from charging stations for electric or hybrid cars, right inside the residential complex. An electric car guarantees a much cleaner air that both you and those around you can enjoy. Don’t forget how high the pollution level has been in Romania in recent years and choose to be part of the change, towards a green future!


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Privacy for the whole family

is provided by a system of reinforced concrete frames and diaphragms with reinforced concrete floors and Porotherm type brick masonry in compliance with the most demanding regulations The metal pergolas that cover the outdoor terraces on the ground floor are an area through which the interior and exterior enter into dialogue.

On the street, the houses have a work desk at home, with access from the outside. Upstairs, the bedrooms are arranged separately, the master bedroom on the back and the children’s side facing the front. Thus, the house offers both the privacy of the whole family that lives in it, and the privacy of each member.

The proximity to the forest, the multitude of outdoor spaces with different public-private character, the play of volumes, materials and textures together with the fluidity of the interior space create a perfect setting adapted to contemporary life.

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